PROPOSITION 19: The Assessor Wants To Hear From You

By Deborah Keesey  Disclaimer: The information provided below is intended to provide general and summary information about  Proposition 19. It is not intended to be a legal interpretation or official guidance, or relied upon for any purpose,  but is instead a summary of information. If there is a conflict between the information provided here and any  legal authorities […]

Paying off a Reverse Mortgage

In my business of arranging loans to trusts and estates, I pay off a significant number of reverse mortgages. As more seniors turn to reverse mortgages, surviving spouses or adult children become overwhelmed when one or both of their parents eventually dies. When a reverse mortgage borrower dies, the loan becomes due and payable; and, […]

QUICK RESOURCE GUIDE for Fiduciaries and their Attorneys including Practical Tips for Non Pro-Rata Distributions to Avoid the Property Tax Reassessment Event

As I embark on my 29th year working in and serving the probate and trust community, this resource guide will assist you to quickly find what you’re looking for: To find out what is necessary to obtain a trust loan, go here To find out what is necessary to obtain a probate loan, go here To learn more […]

Bifurcated Land Market

By Ruben Gutierrez As a real estate appraiser specializing in valuations for estate administration, taxation, probate, and litigation support I have had the opportunity to work on numerous land valuation assignments over the past thirty plus years.  Most of these assignments involve land located in the Antelope Valley portion of northern Los Angeles County. The Antelope […]

Trusts and Estates – The 42nd Annual Fall Program

The 42nd Annual Fall Program, October 26, 2018 in San Francisco The Third Edition of the Guide to the California Rules of Professional Conduct for Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Counsel Is Available to Trusts and Estates Section Members at a Special Price The Educating Seniors Project Seeks Volunteer Attorneys for Speakers Bureau Trusts and Estates […]

The Life of a Loan Broker

Guest Post by N. Mitchell Feinstein   I write this article from my perspective of more than fifty years in the mortgage lending business, a perspective that seems to me as if I were staring down to the Colorado River from the rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s been a long time baby. I’ve operated […]

Obtain an Estate Loan

What is an Estate Loan? Estate Loan is the overarching term used to describe both Probate Loans and Trust Loans. Probate Loans include estates where there is a decedent, Trust Loans include estates where there is a decedent, a guardianship or a conservatorship and the assets are held in a trust. An Estate Loan is […]

Obtain a Probate Loan

What is a Probate Loan? A Probate Loan is a loan to a fiduciary, secured by real property in California. A fiduciary is the administrator or executor of an estate. This person is acting on behalf of a decedent (deceased person). These loans are often useful to help pay for attorney’s fees or to effectuate […]

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