First Probate provides loans to California fiduciaries – executors, administrators, trustees, conservators and guardians – who borrow on behalf of trusts and estates.

We help attorneys and their clients who serve as fiduciaries obtain loans at competitive rates, managing the full probate financing process for short-term loans to trusts or estates, post-property distribution loans, and distributions of trusts and estates. First Probate brokers loans between fiduciaries and lenders, and makes direct loans in specific circumstances.

  • Professional, expert, single source for estate mortgage borrowing needs
  • Property tax reassessment strategies
  • Real estate buyouts and workouts
  • Challenging, complex probate and estate property title issues

The First Probate Loans Difference

With First Probate Loans, you obtain the benefit of experience, expertise and effectiveness. Led by Jonathan Brooks, president, the firm offers highly specialized expertise in California real property, finance/lending, and trust and estate laws.

  • Source for borrowers with credit or income problems
  • Professional, expert, single source for estate mortgage borrowing needs
  • Alternative to reverse mortgage lenders who may not always understand the complex needs of estate and trust financing
  • Both estate and trust loans
  • Inheritance advances

Services for Attorneys

If you are an attorney or fiduciary in California seeking to borrow on behalf of your client’s trust or estate, First Probate Loans can help you obtain competitive rates with highly specialized expertise.

We’ll help you and your clients who serve as fiduciaries – executors, administrators, trustees, conservators and guardians. Whether they need the loans to pay attorney fees, pay taxes, fund settlements, repair properties, manage administrative expenses or implement property tax reassessment strategies while an estate is in the probate process, we can help.

First Probate Loans will broker loans between fiduciaries and lenders, and in special circumstances, make direct loans. And we’ll do it all professionally, efficiently and productively to produce the results you need for your client.

Services for Borrowers

With just 58 county courts serving California’s 38 million residents, it can take more than a year to settle a trust or probate estate.

Are you an executor, administrator, trustee, conservator or guardian in California, seeking to borrow on behalf of a trust or estate? We can help with loans made directly to fiduciaries. They can use these loans to help with necessary tasks and expenses at a difficult time.

  • Pay attorney fees
  • Pay taxes
  • Fund settlements
  • Repair properties
  • Manage administrative expenses
  • Implement property tax reassessment strategies during the administration of the trust or estate

If you are in need, we may be able to work with you and your attorney to advance funds on your inheritance. If you are not yet working with an attorney, let us know and we will connect you with not one, but three, trusted referrals. First Probate Loans will help fiduciaries when they need it.

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