Obtain a Probate Loan

What is a Probate Loan? A Probate Loan is a loan to a fiduciary, secured by real property in California. A fiduciary is the administrator or executor of an estate. This person is acting on behalf of a decedent (deceased person). These loans are often useful to help pay for attorney’s fees or to effectuate […]

Obtain a Trust Loan

What is a Trust Loan? Two years ago, at least two-thirds of the loans our company serviced were Probate Loans. As a society, families have become more aware of the value of structuring assets in a trust. Thus, today, over two-thirds of our loans are Trust Loans. A Trust Loan is a loan to a […]

Non Pro-Rata Distributions to Avoid the Property Tax Reassessment Event

In my business of arranging loans to trusts and estates, I often make loans in order to eliminate the Property Tax Reassessment Event when the transfer of real property is between parents and children or grandparents and grandchildren. A common strategy to prevent a property tax reassessment event, and the resultant higher property tax, is […]

New Loan Product for Trusts and Estate

In my business of arranging loans to trusts and estates, I tend to find numerous trusts and estates in the process of selling real property.  Many of the properties have liens and mortgages and have been physically neglected. First Probate Loans now offers a junior position, straight note of less than 12 months to assist […]

Paying Off a Reverse Mortgage

In my business of arranging loans to trusts and estates, I pay off a significant number of reverse mortgages. As more seniors turn to reverse mortgages, surviving spouses or adult children become overwhelmed when one or both of their parents eventually dies. When a reverse mortgage borrower dies, the loan becomes due and payable; and, […]

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